Humor as a way to influence your opinion

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Humor is a powerful force that can be used not only for peaceful purposesю but also, for example, for information attacks and protection against them.

You may not believe it, but a few years ago NATO published a study detailing how you and I humorously repulsed Russian propaganda.

StratCom laughs: in search of an analytical framework

In general, this study is about the use of humor in strategic communications. Researchers have very carefully analyzed and explained how popular Russian humorous TV programs, imbued with state propaganda.

How does propagandistic humor work?

  • Relieves tension, makes perception less critical.
  • Uses common contexts to convey messages with which the audience agrees.
  • Simplifies everything to the “obvious.”
  • Creates clear groups: strong and intelligent “we” and clumsy and stupid “they”. Of course, the audience associates itself with the former and begins to despise the latter.
  • Simplified managed understanding is easily disseminated by the audience and creates the necessary social context for propagandists.

Why did we mention this?

Because humor can also be used to persuade an audience of a certain opinion. For example, for people to change their minds about protecting themselves from a dangerous disease, it may be enough to give the impression that the proponents of protection are unpleasant “they”.

And yes, this message is directly related to the case of Diesel-Show vs TV Toronto.

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