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Combating Russian propaganda and disinformation becomes systematic in Ukraine

The fight against Russian propaganda and disinformation in Ukraine has become more systematic due to the launch of special governmental agencies—the Center for Strategic Communications under the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and the Center for Combating Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council, says deputy head of the fact-checking project VoxCheck Svitlana Slipchenko.
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5 facts against gas fakes: how the Kremlin distorted Ukraine’s information space

Russian fakes about gas appear in Ukrainian news probably more often than information about the real state of affairs. Most of us are so used to hearing them that we don't even question them, and the Kremlin successfully uses it against us. Whereas real facts about who steals gas from whom or uses “dangerous American technology” may surprise you. Here are a few.
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5 take-aways from Ukraine’s rank in Facebook’s threat report

For years Ukraine has been a training ground for Russian newest disinformation warfare. Now this fact is being not merely recognized, but measured: Facebook’s data shows Ukraine is one of the biggest misinformation build-up spots on the planet. Is Ukraine fighting lies with lies now? No, it is not the case. Let’s have a closer look at The State of Influence Operations 2017–2020 report presented by Facebook on May 26.