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China on the map of information warfare: Russia’s disciple and “big brother”

On June 14, the NATO summit identified two main threats facing the Alliance. These are Russia, which, according to Douglas D Jones, the US Chargé d’Affaires, is “the most immediate threat to the common security of the Allies,” and “the new threat” — China. But so far these threats are of various types. “Russia is a rogue, not a peer; China is a peer, not a rogue.”
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Kirkorov’s soft power: what’s wrong with the performances of Russian musicians in Ukraine

Active touring of Russian artists in the occupied Ukrainian territories is a strategic move by the Kremlin and a tool to legitimize the occupying power in the eyes of local residents, which should convince them of the “benefits” of “reunification.” So what’s wrong with Russian “apolitical” musicians? Why and how do they threaten our national security? What is the point of banning concerts?
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The Kremlin’s “soft power” in action. How Russia is putting its “cultural product” on export to Ukraine

Some tend to think that Russian propaganda is notably presented by Kyseliov and Solovyov, the most prominent propagandists. Using the outright lie as the main means of propaganda, on the TV screens they are seen as self-confident, arrogant, and brutal figures. However, there is another weapon which, at first glance, does not look like a weapon at all but is being frequently used in the field of information warfare.