School of Countering Disinformation

The School of Countering Disinformation was established at the Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security to train civil servants in strategic communication and countering disinformation.

Target audience 

First of all, the training program is aimed at training communication teams of central executive bodies and other state authorities. These teams provide external communication on behalf of the state, are the “first line of defense” against information threats. Therefore, they must possess knowledge and skills to combat disinformation while also developing expertise in strategic communications. 

The training of these groups facilitates the establishment of consistent communication approaches among state entities (one voice policy).

The training will also be useful for other civil servants, even if they are not directly related to communication because each of us today faces information attacks and must be able to recognize and counteract them. 

Curriculum format 

The Center has implemented a training session format. 

The primary advantage of this training format over other methods lies in its emphasis on practicality, interactivity, and technological efficiency.

Key training topics: 
  • Countering and responding to disinformation as a way to increase the resilience of society,
  • Strategic communication,
  • Crisis communication.
The uniqueness of the School of Countering Disinformation 


The training is based on urgent needs in countering disinformation. Training topics and materials are constantly supplemented and updated, considering the most recent developments in the country.


Every trainer at the Center is a practicing expert in the field, actively engaged in relevant activities daily. Moreover, if required, there are plans to recruit additional field professionals. 


The training format includes both offline and online meetings. Offline trainings depend on the current situation in the country because safety is our priority. Furthermore, it includes the option to train government officials with different levels of knowledge in disinformation.

Achievements (2022 to October 2023)

  • More than 100 training sessions were held. 
  • More than 1,000 people were trained.
  • Certification of two training programs for civil servants by the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service (“Russian Disinformation and Ways to Counter It” and “Strategic Communications in Public Administration. Crisis Response Strategies”.)
  • Development of analytical manual “Hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine. How to win on the information front”. The manual tells readers about the main aspects of countering Russian disinformation and propaganda. 

Interesting fact: 

  1. The idea to create the School for Countering Disinformation came in late 2021. The pilot trainings of the School were held in April-June 2022, and the official launch took place on July 21, 2022.
  2. The first training at the School focused on narratives, essential messages, and the principles of their development and integration into the everyday communication of government officials.
  3. The School also holds trainings for general audience, usually school and university students and teachers. Online webinars are most often attended by younger generations interested in relevant disinformation and information warfare topics. Such webinars were held in cooperation with the Educational Center of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and are now freely available on their YouTube channel.

Interesting reading

“Ten Keynotes of Strategic Communication” brochure. A selection of the main keynotes in a civil servant’s strategic communications.

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