Russian propagandists mock Ukrainian children and call for their annihilation

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Another proof of the genocidal rhetoric from the Russian propaganda was the propagandist’s commentary on the video with Ukrainian schoolchildren singing along to the Our Father Bandera song.
“These are no longer humans. This virus is treated only by destroying the infected.” This is a “verdict” of one of the mouthpieces of the genocidal policy of the Kremlin offering to start with the “Banderites” children.

Remember! The enemy has no age or gender. Tomorrow, these children will grow into new Banderites, and they cannot be cured. This virus is treated only by destroying the infected. They are no longer humans.

Such rhetoric, videos, and posts on social networks are another proof that Russia (not only Putin) seeks to destroy the Ukrainian nation. All propagandists will stand trial and will be held responsible for what they did on a par with the war criminals of Russia.

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