About the Centre

The Centre was established under the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine as one of the mechanisms for countering disinformation by joint efforts of the state and civil society. The Centre is focused on communication that is aiming to counter external threats, in particular information attacks of the Russian Federation.

We aim to build sustainable government communication to counter disinformation and grow the resilience of Ukrainian society

Our main principles are continuous cooperation with the civil society, freedom from political pressure, responsibility and openness.


We develop narratives to strengthen Ukraine’s image in the areas that are most targeted by the aggressor

We create messages for coordinated government communication

We unite the efforts of the state and civil society to provide coordinated counteraction to disinformation

We create an online resource that will:
– respond to information threats,
– serve as a united database of the aggressor’s information presence,
– build resilience,
– support Ukrainian narratives

Conduct information campaigns

We create a public platform to discuss problems and develop solutions to combat disinformation

We regularly report on Russia’s hybrid aggression

We  strengthen cooperation with the countries that have similar information threats to  Ukraine

We develop disinformation-countering mechanisms  together with our partners


We conduct trainings to raise awareness about hybrid threats

We develop proactive narratives for government communication

We suggest mechanisms of systematic communication about the state efforts in countering disinformation 

We report on information threats and malign influence operations 

We provide tools to grow resilience to disinformation

We communicate the victories of Ukraine in the information war

We strengthen the voices of CSOs through the promotion of their work

We conduct joint information campaigns and trainings

We ensure a dialogue between the state and CSOs in developing the regulatory framework

We inform about the aggressor’s malign operations regularly

We share expertise in detecting and combating disinformation  

We jointly develop recommendations for combating disinformation and building resilience towards it

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