Centre to engage in trainings for local authorities on resistance to misinformation

The Centre for Strategic Communication has partnered the international organization IREX (International Research and Exchanges Board) to launch a series of trainings for government and local government representatives “Resilience to Influence: Evidence-Based Decision-Making.”

The training program was developed within the project “Learn to Discern: Media Literacy Training.”

The goal of the program is to enable decision-makers to confidently identify and avoid harmful information impacts.

Resilience of local authorities remains the first barrier against external threats and misinformation.

We are happy to highlight the Centre’s activities within these training sessions and to establish cooperation with representatives of local self-government in different parts of Ukraine to achieve a common goal.

And there’s more!  The plan is to travel across Ukraine in order to talk about countering misinformation and propaganda and to make communities more resilient.


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