Who continues to “rock” Odesa with Russian news?

On May 2, 2014, Russia failed to create another “people’s republic” in Odessa. Every year on this day, Ukraine honors the memory of the people who paid their lives for this, while agents of the “Russian world” continue to “rock” Odesa.

Two members of parliament of Ukraine spoke straightforwardly on the Shariy’s talk show:

  • Artem Dmytruk from the “Servant of the People” told: “There were many provocateurs and government officials in the city, the entire senior management of law enforcement agencies and the Verkhovna Rada sat in the headquarters, they all are connected with the tragedy.”
  • Mykola Skoryk, OPZZH, asserted: “Investigations are being delayed because there is no state — it is unclear what there is at all. The doors of the office of the President were painted by the same people who killed in Odesa.”

We remind the people’s representatives that they represent Ukraine and that participation in propaganda shows helps Russia to:

  • despair the people of Odesa in their own state and its capabilities;
  • induce a mistaken perception of conspiracy and prosecution for speech among Ukrainians;
  • heighten the feeling of insecurity and heat up the protest;
  • encourage separatism to Russia;
  • spoil the image of Ukraine at the international level;
  • if successful — repeat the attempt to capture Odesa.

We remind Ukrainians that these speeches are part of Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine. Do not stand under a disinformation fire.


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