Traitor Kyva publishes a post that Ukraine had an “owner” who demands that the fallen soldiers be cremated

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The statement that Ukraine allegedly has an “owner,” and he demands that the fallen soldiers be cremated, is fake.

Description of the fake LIE

“Too many cemeteries! Ukrainians, treat our land prudently, use crematoria. This is no longer your land. We took these risks into account when we concluded a contract with Zelenskyy and created the Ukraine Development Fund.” This appeal of Larry Fink, chief executive officer of the investment company Black Rock, was shared by ex-MP of Ukraine Kyva.

Refutation TRUTH

In fact, the Ukraine Development Fund is currently at the stage of creation; in May, the government engaged the Black Rock company in its formation, but since June, no new developments have been reported in official sources.

“The news with Fink’s statement does not contain references to any reliable source; moreover, there are no such statements on the website or on Black Rock social networks. Searching for the English version of the statement only results in a link to the Twitter account of an alleged Libyan with 13,500 subscribers, who is extremely actively ‘interested’ in all matters related to Russia’s interests,” the fact-checkers of the Bez Brekhni (Without Lie) project found out.

It has been established that Fink’s pseudo-statement was also actively distributed from the “Ukrainian” Telegram channel, which only mimics the Ukrainian one: the account has only 8,000 subscribers, and the main photo features the name of the international analytical company S&P.

“It is very doubtful that its real representative published videos like ‘Police attack on the Ukrainian currency exchange in Poland,’ ‘Pseudo-patriots against the UOC,’ etc.,” the investigators stated.

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