They were killed by Russia: what is known about the children who died because of an enemy drone in Odesa

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On the night of March 2, the enemy hit a residential high-rise building in Odesa with a drone. As a result, 12 people were killed, another 20 were injured. Among the dead are five children: 4-month-old Tymofii, 7-month-old Lisa, 3-year-old Mark, 8-year-old Zlata, and 9-year-old Serhii.

During this horrific attack, soldiers Oleh and Tetiana Kravets and their three children – Serhii, Zlata and Yelyzaveta – were killed. The youngest, Lizonka, was found in the arms of her mother, who tried to cover her and keep her safe. The woman was survived by her eldest son Volodymyr, who was not at home that fateful night – he had gone to his grandparents’ house.

“See, the washing machine and the door is open. This is their flat. This is where they were: the bedroom where she slept with Oleh, and little Lisa with them. Looks like one room and the balcony didn’t collapse. Emergency service workers climbed there, called them, but it is obvious that they had not survived,” Vladyslava, a family friend, told Suspilne.

Four-month-old Tymofii died in the arms of his mother—Anna Haidarzhy. The woman is the daughter of the pastor of the Odesa Peresypsky Church. Her husband Serhii and eldest daughter miraculously survived.

“The doctors did an examination and said that they both died in their sleep. They were found next to one another. Little Anya as if fell asleep, holding her hand like in her sleep. Tymofii as well, with his hands up, as, you know, babies usually sleep. They were together, and it happened very quickly. They did not suffer,” the husband said.

Fitness trainer Anastasia lost her son Mark and her husband Vitalii. She herself is in a serious condition in intensive care.

Service dog Tara, who helped emergency workers on site of the wreckage, found the body of the deceased child and cried. 

At the same time, Russians continue to reveal their true nature and write that they do not feel sorry for Ukrainian children at all.

The world must respond to the cynical killings of Ukrainian children because unpunished evil will continue to kill and destroy. Ukraine needs weapons and additional air defence systems to protect its population.

Partners’ delay in providing military assistance causes Ukraine to pay with human lives. With children’s lives.

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