The rubbish foundation for recognition of “L/DPR”: fakes of February 21

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Yesterday’s biggest fake was Putin’s endless lecture on his world view, patched together from fantasies, fears and threats. But this is a separate story.

Prior to that, there was an emergency meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, where they discussed the recognition of “LPR”/”DPR.” Formally, it was preceded by a simultaneous appeal by the leaders of the occupation administrations for recognition and military assistance.


  • The appeals of the leaders of the occupation administrations were made public at about 4:40 p.m. Moscow time
  • Officially, the meeting of the Russian Security Council began at about 5 p.m. Moscow time
  • However, when you look at Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu’s watch in stills from the hearing, the time is completely different: first, it was 12:47, and later 1:38.●      The fact that the meeting took place much earlier and was pre-recorded is further evidenced by a number of factors, including cut-out speeches, obvious video editing, the discrepancy in the time of Lavrov’s conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France.

In addition:

  • It included completely absurd statements, such as “historic borders” of self-proclaimed formations or “we do not have borders with Ukraine, it is U.S. territory.”
  • Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Naryshkin did not do his homework, got confused, and said that he supported the accession of “LPR”/”DPR” to Russia. He answered Putin “correctly” only on his second attempt.

 What is more:

●      During the signing of agreements with the so-called “heads of DPR/LPR” (following the recognition of self-proclaimed formations), Putin’s watch showed 12:15. Apparently, the signing ceremony was recorded even before the meeting with members of the Security Council.

Unfortunately, the Centre’s yesterday’s forecast came true. Let me remind you that we predicted at the briefing that all the unusual media activity was due to the fact that a large foreign media task force appeared in the region — federal media. And this was due to preparations for a political decision by the Kremlin. At that time we did not know exactly what it would be. But further hours showed that this was a meeting of the Russian Security Council, at which Putin decided to recognize the “LPR”/”DPR.”

It is obvious that all these explosions / terrorist attacks and the Polish subversive groups were invented only so that the Minister of Defence, the Interior Minister or President’s adviser Kozak could include them in their speeches.

Even the Security Council hearing itself was just another performance. 

Interestingly, during the demonstration of the meeting, as reported by “Novorossiya” pages and groups, there was silence in the Donbas. Which in itself indicates who was shelling residential areas there before.

To justify the meaning of this meeting, Russian propagandists had been trying to create the right picture since Monday morning:

  • They covered the self-explosion of a “Ukrainian saboteur” at the railway station in Donetsk. As proof of his existence, they demonstrated one leg: without any pants or footwear. They also talked about the “peaceful miner” killed by a Ukrainian shell. They showed only legs.
  • They demonstrated some dilapidated hut in the bushes in the middle of nowhere and claimed it was a Russian border checkpoint destroyed by a Ukrainian shell. There is no infrastructure near the “border checkpoint.” There are no household items in the destroyed house, and the building itself is overgrown with bushes. It is impossible for a Ukrainian projectile to enter the territory of Russia near the town of Stanytsia Mitiakinska. Almost the only place along the entire contact line suitable for firing on the territory of the Russian Federation is the area near the uncontrolled Pankivka
  • The video with an allegedly Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicle which broke into the territory of the Rostov oblast and were destroyed by the Russian military were filmed either from a few dozen meters from behind the bushes or in macro mode. It is not entirely clear whether there are two vehicles in the frame or just one. Apparently, whoever filmed this video was hiding something. And while they claimed there were five bodies of Ukrainian military servants in the vehicles, they did not show a single one. The JFO headquarters denied any losses or actions on the Russian territory.
  • Another “horrible terrorist attack” which they first tried to cover as shooting at Luhansk from “point U,” and then it turned out that it was an explosion of an old car at an empty car park, as it had already happened in Donetsk. This all seems conveniently similar, like with twin brothers.

To sum up.  This entire stream of coordinated cynical information attacks which has been going on during the past few days only created a backdrop for yesterday’s hearing of the Russian Security Council and the recognition of the “LPR”/”DPR.” 

It has shown that all the events of the last 8 years in eastern Ukraine, from the “echelons with ‘banderivtsi’” (again mentioned by the chair of the Federation Council Matvienko) to the Prosecutor General Krasnov, who was shown coming from the rostrum, but whose speech was not included in the “live” broadcast, are nothing but a fake.

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