The explosion in the Turkish port of Derince was allegedly due to weapons for the AFU. That’s not true

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Description of the fake LIE

The explosion in grain tanks in the Derince port was caused by weapons that were to be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Such statements were spread by Russian resources with reference to Turkish and foreign media.

Refutation TRUTH

The most likely cause of the explosion of grain tanks is the explosive concentration of grain dust, Turkish chemical engineer Emre Ergün said in a commentary for the Hurriyet newspaper.

“Grain arrives on ships and is transported to elevators using mechanical carriers, being crushed in the process. Each organic substance is highly flammable, and when they become dust, they become explosive,” Ergün said.

At the same time, commenting on this incident, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey, İbrahim Yumaklı, stated that the prevailing version was about the explosion, which occurred due to the technical consequences caused by the compression of dust.

Consequently, neither Turkish nor foreign media reported the discovery of weapons or military equipment at the site of the explosion. The version with weapons was invented by Russian fake-makers and they launched this false narrative.

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