Same house, same actor: ridiculous fakes of the day by Russian propagandists

Despite the weekend, Russian information troops and their collaborators in the “ORDLO” did not give up and continued to cynically create a parallel reality. It included staged shelling and “attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” while made-up diversion groups and terrorists were supposed to intimidate the local population (so it would agree to deportation to Russia more readily).

The “picture” was also supposed to impress Russians so they would turn a blind eye once again to the fact that they have to pay for their leadership’s military adventures. And while women and children are being deported to Russia on camera, men and even teenagers are forcibly drafted.

It is possible that this way, Russians are trying to create a “living shield” of the local population to put up against the Armed Forces of Ukraine — to capture the Kremlin’s narrative about a “civil conflict.”

The fakes and information attacks recorded in the last 24 hours indicate that the operation in the Donbas was planned in advance:

  • The video with yesterday’s demining of a car which “Ukrainian saboteurs” allegedly planned to blow up while lines of refugees were passing by was filmed 3 years ago. Download and check.
  • Russian propagandist Solovyov posted a scheduled tweet about a truck explosion in Donetsk using the Amplifr service. The tweet scheduled for February 19 said that an alleged Ukrainian saboteur involved in the explosion was detained on Thursday, although the explosion took place on Friday, February 18. Apparently, the explosion was postponed to Friday, and the propagandist’s delayed tweet was forgotten.

But the real rock bottom of this week was the two stories with the same actor: about the “elimination of Ukrainian saboteurs” and about killing of civilians when Ukrainian troops were “breaking into” the town of Pionerske:

In the morning, the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly forcibly crossed the Siverskyi Donets and tried to capture the town of Pionerske. The simple question here is what for? To be surrounded by the enemy without a way to retreat? During this “invasion,” civilians were allegedly killed in a two-story private house.

What doesn’t add up in this story? The occupying forces showed some remains: ribs and a stomach. This means that there would have to be a real crematorium inside the building to reach such a high temperature. But there are no traces of such a fire on the walls of the building. And the building itself looks rather unfinished than destroyed. There are no traces of the second floor, which was allegedly demolished by shelling.

The story about the elimination of an alleged “Ukrainian diversion group” in a residential area is also blatantly staged: the “Ukrainian saboteurs” have Russian C-rations on them and theatrically scream for help in Russian.  

What is more, the same “accidental” witness can be seen in the staged story about the elimination of “saboteurs” and about the death of civilians where unknown remnants are shown in a completely empty house.

And that is only the beginning: for both stories, they used the same house! This can be seen if you compare the objects in pictures:


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