Russian PSYOP: Panicky posts on social networks mention that 29 mln Ukrainians must die to win the war

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The Centre for Strategic Communication debunked another lie of the Russians, which our readers sent to our bot.

Lie: “our army liberated 270-300 km² with the loss of 71,000 soldiers killed” and “with such losses, almost 29 mln people will have to be killed.” Such posts are shared on Facebook.

Truth: as of September 10, the AFU had indeed liberated approximately 270 km². However, in the posts shared by the propagandists, this territory is called “only 1/4 of one percent,” although in fact our defenders have liberated 52.5% of the territories occupied since February 2022.

Data on how many people died during the counteroffensive are made-up because this information is classified. Therefore, the calculation of future victims necessary for the complete deoccupation of Ukraine has nothing to do with reality.

Russians spread such emotional posts on social networks to demoralize Ukrainians and force them to lay down their arms.

If you see similar Facebook ads launched from blank pages, do not trust them and click the “report post” button.

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