Russian Propaganda Lies about Pentagon Allegedly Calling Ukraine “Laboratory” and “Training Ground” in War with Russia

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A statement is spread that the Pentagon allegedly called Ukraine a “laboratory” and a “training ground” in the war with Russia. That's not true.

Description of the fake LIE

The United States recognized that Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria used to be “military laboratories” for the Pentagon, and now Ukraine has become a “laboratory.” This is reported by the Kremlin-controlled media with reference to the statement of the Pentagon spokeswoman Mara Karlin.

Refutation TRUTH

During her speech at the Ronald Reagan Institute, Karlin spoke about Ukraine exclusively in the context of the experience of the Ukrainian military, who actively use high technology [Starlink, for example] and artificial intelligence in planning and conducting operations, journalists of the StopFake project established.

“Everyone has seen the impact of Starlink and what that has meant in terms of Ukraine’s ability to fight against this terrible, unprovoked war of aggression launched by Vladimir Putin…

The way in which AI, in which data at scale, has enabled, I think, a whole bunch of countries, obviously Ukraine, to be able to take action when it needs to on the battlefield, but also, franky, for all of us to be able to understand what’s the state of the conflict, what are the sorts of things that Ukrainian military need [fragment 00:23:48 — 00:26:46],” she said. 

Russian liars in their usual manner distorted the words of the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense; from strategies, plans, and capabilities turning them into a fake in the style of “Ukraine losing its independence” and “transformation of Ukraine into a western training ground.”

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