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Global Recognition of the Holodomor as Genocide Is the Best Monument to Its Innocent Victims, — expert

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The current generation has a great mission: to achieve the recognition of the Holodomor as genocide, and this recognition will be the best monument to innocent victims.

This was stated by the analyst of the Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security Maksym Maiorov during the discussion “How Do We Preserve the Truth about Holodomor?” According to him, the Stalinist regime made great efforts to hide the scale of the tragedy in Ukraine in 1932-33: real statistics were hidden, eyewitnesses were intimidated, and foreigners were denied access to the starving villages of Ukraine.

“The subject of denying genocide is as old as the concept of the crime of genocide. It’s not just about the Holodomor. There have always been forces trying to deny the tragedy. It started back in Stalin’s time, and it continues today. Russia is now carrying on with this ‘tradition’ promoting narratives aimed at undermining Ukraine’s position and sowing doubt and denial of the Holodomor,” commented Maiorov.

He added that today, we have the best situation when we can research and find out the truth about the Holodomor so that we can subsequently promote this subject worldwide.

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