FAKE: The Ukrainian authorities are preparing to begin recruiting women into the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

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Lie: the Ukrainian authorities do not mind starting conscription of women. This is reported by Russian Telegram channels with reference to the material of The New York Times.

The Centre for Strategic Communication debunks another lie of Russians that our readers sent to our bot. 

Truth: NYT article states that Ukraine relies solely on its own population as a reserve, and therefore many women undergo military training to subsequently join the ranks of the Armed Forces.

According to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, about 43,000 women currently serve in the Defence Forces. They are no longer prohibited from being machine gunners, tank commanders, and snipers, as well as truck drivers.

However, there is no talk of conscription; since 2014, not a single woman in Ukraine has been forcibly mobilized.

Women who are fit for military service according to the state of health and age, have graduated from vocational, professional pre-higher or higher education institutions, and have obtained a medical or pharmaceutical degree, must register for military service. But this does not mean mobilization; the state thus summarizes the data on the existing reserve of specialists in the medical field.

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