FAKE: The UK is working with Norway to escalate the situation in the Black Sea

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The intention of the international community represented by the United Kingdom and Norway to protect civilian navigation in the Black Sea from attacks by the Russian army is a new round of aggression against the Russian Federation. Such a statement is spread by the Kremlin’s propaganda media.

Refutation TRUTH

In fact, it is Russian propaganda that is escalating and attacking the newly created maritime initiative in support of Ukraine, with the United Kingdom and Norway having agreed to contribute to enhancing Ukraine’s security along the coastline and at sea.

“First of all, the allied countries set the goal of helping Ukraine to open trade routes and ensure the free passage of civilian vessels through the Black Sea in a short time. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received two minesweepers from the United Kingdom to search for Russian mines,” StopFake investigators found.

In addition, Norway will provide Ukraine with two more ships to demine the water area. Moreover, Ukraine will receive long-term support from the coalition, which includes training and provision of equipment and infrastructure to enhance security in the Black Sea.

Russia has been engaged in the escalation in the Black and Azov Seas since 2014, trying to limit the legal right of Ukraine to use its internal waters, mining the Ukrainian water area, attacking, and blocking the port infrastructure of Ukraine.

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