FAKE: The U.S. Secretary of Defense will send relatives of congressmen to war if there is no support for Ukraine

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As a result of the meeting of Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin with American lawmakers, it was decided that the families of congressmen would be sent to fight against the Russians unless they supported Ukraine. This was reported by the Kremlin’s propaganda media with reference to ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Refutation TRUTH

The meeting of the head of the U.S. defense department Austin with congressmen did take place, but it was about the risks that would arise in the absence of support for a new package of assistance to Ukraine within the Russian-Ukrainian war, investigators of the Georgian project Myth Detector found out.

“Lloyd Austin emphasized that if Putin took Ukraine, he would also try to take Moldova and Georgia, and might even claim the Baltic States. In the event of such a development, there is a high probability that the United States will need to deploy American soldiers in Europe, said Republican Congressman, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Michael McCaul.” This was stated by the investigators.

As for Carlson’s “insides,” this “journalist” is known for his anti-Ukrainian position, is an active disseminator of Kremlin fakes about Ukraine and an instigator for the cessation of military support for Kyiv in repelling Russian aggression.

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