FAKE: Calls on the pages of The Wall Street Journal “it is time for the West to recognize the failures of Ukraine”

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Description of the fake LIE

The Wall Street Journal article titled It’s Time to End Magical Thinking About Russia’s Defeat states that Ukraine’s partner countries should realize that Russia is not going to lose the war. Such a narrative is spread by the Kremlin’s propaganda media.

Refutation TRUTH

In fact, the material of the American publication presents objective conclusions about the sanctions, which failed to collapse the Russian economy, and the counteroffensive, which has not yet yielded the result Ukraine expected.

“Russian propagandists, quoting the material, not only distorted its true content, but also invented many things. The statement about Russia’s ‘superiority’ over the West in terms of the volume and quality of weapons production is limited to only one type of ammunition, and the quality of products is not mentioned at all,” StopFake fact-checkers analyzed the article.

The main idea conveyed in the material of The Wall Street Journal is the transition of Ukraine’s allies to long-term strategies of struggle: diplomatic isolation of Russia, strengthening of NATO, increasing investment in the defence sector.

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