FAKE ALERT: Ukraine is a damaged ship that cannot be restored, it is sinking

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Description of the fake LIE

The servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to become the nucleus in the coup d’état, which is planned because of international criticism of the activities of President Zelenskyy. Such information is spread by propagandists with reference to the statement of former CIA officer Larry Johnson.

Refutation TRUTH

Fake makers once again work according to Kremlin manuals about the “Kyiv regime” and Ukrainian “puppets of the United States” and try to spread lies about the preparation of another “mutiny” in the state.

The soldiers of the Defence Forces perform the most important mission, they repel the aggressor and gradually de-occupy the territories seized by the Russians. There are no signs that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will leave the positions and, as the Kremlin expects, turn towards Kyiv.

The allies are helping Ukraine as much as possible in a number of areas to be able to effectively destroy enemy forces, rebuild what was destroyed by the Russians, carry out social payments and ensure the operation of critical infrastructure. Statements about Ukraine as a “sinking ship” are nonsense.

As for Larry Johnson, he has a reputation as an extremely dubious source, he actively whitewashes the reputation of Russia and does not hesitate to promote openly pro-Russian narratives in the United States.

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