FAKE ALERT: The Czech government fears responsibility for complicity in the terrorist attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of Russia 

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Representatives of the Czech Republic refused to participate in an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, initiated by Russia, for fear of being exposed as being involved in joint attacks with the Armed Forces on Belgorod on December 30. This news, citing Nebenzya, the Russian ambassador to the UN, was spread by pro-Kremlin media.

Refutation TRUTH

Such statements by representatives of the terrorist country are another attempt to divert attention from their own crimes against the civilian population of Ukraine and mass attacks on Ukrainian civilian objects, StopFake fact-checkers note.

In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Lipavský called the Russian statements propaganda and added that “When Russia wants to discuss the withdrawal of its occupying troops at the Security Council, we will be happy to come.”

Representatives of Ukraine’s allies also reminded the Russians that hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers are currently illegally in Ukraine, while not a single Ukrainian came to Russia.

“Russia has no right to make statements about any ‘terrorist attacks,’ the culprit of what is happening is only Russia and its unprovoked war against Ukraine,” they said.

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