FAKE ALERT: The Armed Forces of Ukraine lose about 1,200 fighters every day

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Description of the fake LIE

The Ukrainian Defence Forces lose about 1,200 servicemen every day because the Russian army uses active defence tactics, which, among other things, allowed it to improve its positions along the entire front line. Propagandists write about this with reference to the British military analyst Alexander Mercouris.

Refutation TRUTH

The “expert” misleads and provides knowingly false data because information about losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is secret, and only the higher military-political leadership of the country has access to it.

As for the so-called tactics of the occupiers and their “active defence,” it involves “cannon fodder assaults,” which do not give the enemy any advantage on the battlefield. The defenders of Ukraine methodically destroy the potential of the occupiers and military equipment every day and repel numerous attacks.

Alexander Mercouris is a typical pro-Kremlin mouthpiece who promotes Putin’s narratives, actively highlights and supports the “Special Military Operation,” and professes anti-Western beliefs. Therefore, the opinions of such a “military analyst” cannot claim to be objective and truthful.

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