FAKE ALERT: President Zelenskyy accused the United States of depriving Ukrainian pensioners of money 

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Description of the fake LIE

Washington is responsible for the fact that older people in Ukraine will not receive pensions, and Western countries will bear responsibility for the deaths of Ukrainian pensioners due to the delay in financial assistance. Such a statement by the President of Ukraine is spread by the Kremlin’s propagandists.

Refutation TRUTH

Kremlin fake makers twisted Zelenskyy’s words about the “possibility of delays in the provision of financial assistance to Ukraine by allied countries,” which he said at a press conference for the Baltic media on January 11, StopFake investigators found.

“We have well over 11 million pensioners, are there many such countries in Europe?… And when financial assistance [from partners] for pensions is delayed, since we do not have the right to spend the funds provided to us on the defence and our military, then we give pensions to pensioners and at this time we fail to purchase weapons and provide ourselves with protection,” the investigators quote the words of the President.

In his answers to journalists, the president did not make any accusations against the United States, the countries of the European Union, or other partners of Ukraine. He clearly explained what the delay in financial assistance threatens, and it was these words that the propagandists twisted.

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