FAKE ALERT: NATO countries plan to start a war with Russia

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The member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance have published the date of the beginning of the invasion of Russia and are already actively preparing for the start of a full-scale war with it. This news is spread by pro-Kremlin trash websites.

Refutation TRUTH

There are no “dates of the beginning of the NATO invasion of Russia,” neither are there any preparations for offensive actions. The outbreak of World War III is not in the interest of the Alliance, and it is doing everything to prevent it.

Propaganda, on the other hand, presents the strengthening of borders and security in the Baltic countries as elements of preparation for war. But it is Russia that purposefully provokes and sends people from third countries to the border with Finland and the EU.

“Russia’s war in Ukraine has shown that, in addition to equipment, ammunition, and manpower, we also need physical defence facilities on the border to protect Estonia,” said Hanno Pevkur, Estonian Defence Minister.

The governments of the EU countries and NATO members are well aware of the Kremlin dictator’s obsession, so they continue to support Ukraine and prepare for any scenarios on the part of totalitarian Russia.

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