FAKE ALERT: “About 60 French-speaking mercenaries were spotted in the port of Odesa”

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Description of the fake LIE

The fighters arrived in the port of Odesa on three boats with weapons and in full equipment. They are scattered around the city and avoid contact with the local population. This information was spread by propaganda Telegram channels.

Refutation TRUTH

Propagandists are spreading this fake, based on French President Emmanuel Macron’s public statements made in May and June regarding the possibility of sending instructors to Ukraine.

This idea was publicly supported by other countries, including Lithuania and Estonia. And Kremlin propaganda presents this not just as an intention but as a fact of the presence of “NATO mercenaries” in Ukraine.

Foreign citizens do help Ukraine resist, but exclusively as volunteers: as soldiers of the International Legion or instructors (Trident Defence Initiative). However, they in no way represent NATO on the territory of Ukraine.

The distribution of such fakes is aimed at fuelling the Kremlin’s lies about “Russia’s war with NATO”, justifying strikes on civilian objects, which, according to the reports of the Russian Defence Ministry and propagandists, were turned into “NATO bases”, and the killing of Ukrainian civilians into “destruction of foreign mercenaries”.

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