34th Day of the Full-Scale Russian Aggression in Ukraine

Ukrainian defender during the battle for the village of Lukyanivka in the Kyiv Oblast. By Narciso Contreras

TOP NEWS: Russia continues to destroy Ukrainian cities. Russia targeted Mykolaiv and Starokostiantyniv in Khmelnytskyi Oblast with missiles. Russian troops shelled Lysychansk from artillery. The Russian troops continue to deport Mariupol residents to Russia. Ukrainian defender from the Zmiinyi Island, who said the phrase “Russian warship, go f*** yourself”, was released from Russian captivity. Ukraine offered Russia the way of a diplomatic end to the war.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Russian troops hit the building of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration with the missile

Rescuers work near the destroyed building of the Mykolaiv regional state administration. By the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

The building was partially destroyed by a Russian missile. The Russian strike killed 12 people and injured more than 30. Rescuers pulled 18 people out of the rubble.


Russia targeted a military facility in Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Russian troops struck a military facility near Starokostiantyniv in Khmelnytskyi Oblast, destroying fuel reserves. No one was injured in the attack.

The occupants shelled a residential area in Lysychansk. There are victims

Russians struck a residential area in Lysychansk with heavy weapons. Due to the shelling, houses were destroyed. Information about deaths and injuries is being clarified.

1,665 people were evacuated to Zaporizhzhia

1,665 people arrived to Zaporizhzhia by three humanitarian corridors on their own transport. 936 people evacuated from Mariupol. In the town of Vasylivka, the occupiers have been blocking the evacuation columns of buses and trucks with humanitarian aid, which were sent to Berdyansk, Melitopol and Enerhodar.

The occupiers forcibly removed staff and patients from the Mariupol maternity hospital to Russia

The Russian troops continue to deport Mariupol residents to Russia

More than 70 Ukrainians from Mariupol maternity hospital, including both workers and patients, were forcibly sent to Russia.

Russia has committed more than 3,000 war crimes in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, 144 children have been killed and 220 wounded. In total, during the war, the Prosecutor General’s Office has registered 3,236 crimes of aggression and war crimes in Russia.

Ukraine has lost more than a trillion dollars due to the Russian aggression

Ukraine’s losses due to the Russian aggression exceed one trillion dollars. Russian troops seriously damaged Ukraine’s infrastructure. The direct loss of military and civilian infrastructure is $ 270 billion. The war will cause great losses to the economy in the coming years.

Ukrainian defender from the Zmiinyi Island, who said the phrase “Russian warship, go f*** yourself”, was released from Russian captivity

Ukrainian defender Roman Hrybov from the Zmiinyi Island returned home from Russian captivity and received the state award.

Great Britain will not lift sanctions against Russia even after possible ceasefire agreement

A ceasefire agreement between Russia and Ukraine will not be enough to lift sanctions on Russia. London plans to continue to put pressure on the Russian economy and to provide military assistance to Ukraine until Russia changes its course completely.

Ukraine offered Russia the way for a diplomatic end to the war

Ukraine needs security guarantees that can be provided by UN Security Council member states. The Treaty on Security Guarantees for Ukraine must be ratified by states’ parliaments  to have legal force. International guarantees will not apply to Crimea and some districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. 


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