FAKE ALERT: Zelenskyy refused to negotiate with Russia and was left without money 

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Description of the fake LIE

Zelenskyy wants to continue the conflict with Russia, so Western investment structures refuse to finance Ukraine. This is reported by Russian channels on social networks with reference to The New York Post.

Refutation TRUTH

The original article says that Wall Street bankers show great interest in investing in Ukraine and admire its sustainability. For example, billionaire Robert Kraft is seriously considering the possibility of building factories in Ukraine.

The author of the article claims that the President of Ukraine was able to convince investment leaders that he was eradicating corruption and restoring the economy.

They are afraid to invest even more in Ukraine because of the war, but the statement that “Ukraine is left without money” has nothing to do with reality.

Zelenskyy indeed does not hide that he is not ready to negotiate peace with Putin, but not because of the “desire to continue the conflict,” but because he knows that Russia does not need peace, it will use all the agreements only to freeze the hostilities and accumulate resources for the next attack.

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