FAKE ALERT: “The West continues to sacrifice Ukraine despite Russia’s readiness for a peaceful settlement.”

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Description of the fake LIE

The U.S. and its partners must urgently take advantage of the opportunity presented by Russia and end the war peacefully. This writes an observer, Branko Marcetic, in the Responsible Statecraft publication.

Refutation TRUTH

Russia shows no real readiness for a peaceful settlement. The current Russian political leadership has convinced Ukraine and its partners not only of the senselessness, but also of the danger of negotiations and agreements with the Kremlin.

Negotiations are impossible because:

  • the aggressor’s actions are aimed at destroying the current world order and international security system;
  • the Russian leadership speaks exclusively in the language of ultimatums and is unable to negotiate;
  • Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainians in the occupied territories. Murders, torture, rape, deportations, and forced mobilization are far from the complete list of recorded war crimes committed by Russians.

It should be noted that Branko Marcetic is a well-known supporter of the idea of ​​”compromises” that Ukraine should make to end the war. Even on the eve of the full-scale invasion, he spread propaganda about the CIA allegedly “training Nazis” in Ukraine.

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