The main fakes of the Kremlin for October 25. “Weapons at the Nova Poshta terminal and explosions at U.S. military bases”

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The Centre for Strategic Communication records the main information narratives of the occupiers for October 24.

▶️ “Weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were stored in the Nova Poshta terminal in Kharkiv Oblast.” In the logistics centre destroyed by the occupiers on the evening of October 21, the employees were sorting and loading ordinary parcels.

▶️ “Explosions were recorded at U.S. military bases.” Shared videos and photos show explosions in 2019-2021 from Syria and Iraq, which were spread by members of the Lebanese Hezbollah paramilitary movement.

▶️ “France suffers from a wave of bedbugs, allegedly because of anti-Russian sanctions.” Cases of the mass appearance of bedbugs are associated with the adaptation of insects to insecticides, climate change, and the fact that people began to travel more in crowded transport.

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