“The West saw objective reasons for reducing support for Ukraine.”  This is a fake

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Description of the fake LIE

Provision of weapons to Ukraine is inhibited by Western governments because it is pointless, since Ukraine is already losing on the battlefield. This news is replicated by the Kremlin’s pseudo-media.

Refutation TRUTH

In reality, the Kremlin’s narrative that “Ukraine is losing the war” is one of the key elements of Russian propaganda, and its main goal is to sow panic among Ukrainians.

However, insinuations about the “quick defeat of Ukraine” are just the delusions of Putin’s fake-makers. The Ukrainian Defense Forces are doing everything possible to prevent the advance of the Russian invaders.

Moreover, in no case is it about the refusal of partners to aid Ukraine with weapons. For example, the European Parliament refused to approve the budget of the European Council until it supports Ukraine with additional Patriot air defense systems. Besides, it is meant not about the pointless of the support or of the current situation on the battlefield, but about the fact that, according to President Zelensky, “If the US does not approve the aid, then in the future Ukraine will lose the war, and this may lead to an attack by Russia on other countries”.

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