The Russians are spreading videos of the alleged surrender of Ukrainian soldiers. This is a cheap fake

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Description of the fake LIE

The soldiers of the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade laid down their arms and surrendered. The corresponding footage was published by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Refutation TRUTH

Subsequently, there was also a “Ukrainian” version of the same video with the logo of the 128th Brigade and the text that “the surrender of the Russian sabotage group was filmed,” but the 128th Brigade officially denied its involvement in this video and the capture of Russians.

How exactly the edited version of this Russian video got onto Ukrainian channels is a separate story that we do not cover here.

Instead, we’ll show you clear signs of why this video is fake:

  • The footage shows yellow sunflowers, which have long been absent from Ukrainian fields. Moreover, they cannot be found on the contact line due to constant shelling.
  • All the actors surrender with the loading cases attached to the machine guns, which is nonsense. When surrendering, the machine gun loading case must be taken off.
  • All actors are young, have the same short hairstyles and are clean-shaven, which is also nonsense for combat units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where people of all ages serve, many of whom have beards or moustaches.
  • None of them has any equipment on them — bulletproof vests, helmets, personal load carrying equipment. Only the uniform and the machine guns.
  • The only man in the video who demonstratively removes the “bulletproof vest,” actually removes an empty carrier of the bulletproof vest; if you look closely, there is no armour plate in it.

The video may have been shot with cadets of Russian military universities who are trained for further service in the units of the so-called “information confrontation” of the Russian Armed Forces. This can explain the young age, the same hairstyles, and the lack of equipment on the actors.

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