The Russians accused Ukraine of preparing for a provocation with biological weapons

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According to the Russian media, this was stated by the head of the Troops of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defence of Russia Kirillov.

Description of the fake LIE

The SSU and the National Police are preparing for provocations with biological weapons to then blame Russia. The scenario of such a provocation was tested at a training in Lviv.

Refutation TRUTH

The Russians consider the training on the basics of biological protection and readiness to respond to biological threats, which was held in Lviv, to be a preparation for provocations, VoxCheck journalists explained.

The training explained the principles of international investigation of biological incidents, considered crisis communication, taught how to counter disinformation about biological cases, etc.

There is no confirmation that the training was attended by employees of the SSU or the National Police or that it served as a preparation for a provocation against Russia.

This fake is a continuation of the Russian narrative about “U.S. bio-laboratories in Ukraine,” but in reality, they do not exist.

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