Sanctions against Russia: Verkhovna Rada urges, Boris Johnson implements 

The Ukrainian Parliament has called for additional sanctions against Russia and its leadership due to the recognition of “LPR”/”DPR.”

In the designated resolution, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine


  • Ukraine remains committed to the political and diplomatic path of resolving the conflict in the Donbas;
  • Crimea, Sevastopol and “ORDLO” temporarily occupied by Russia remain an integral part of Ukraine’s territory;
  • Russia’s decision to recognize “LPR”/”DPR” does not have legal consequences;


  • countries of the world, international and regional organizations not to recognize the independence of “LPR”/”DPR” and to withhold from any steps or actions which could be interpreted as their recognition;
  • to introduce additional severe sectoral, financial, personal sanctions against Russia, including suspension of Nord Stream 2 launch, disconnection from SWIFT a ban on high-tech export to Russia;

Considers Russia responsible for the sharp deterioration of the security situation, mass disinformation and propaganda, the purpose of which is to create a contrived pretext for the decision to recognize the “LPR”/”DPR”;

Supports the official request sent on behalf of the President of Ukraine on the basis of Article 6 of the Budapest Memorandum to the member states of the UN Security Council with a demand to immediately consult on urgent action to reduce tensions and practical steps to ensure Ukraine’s security.

Meanwhile, London announced that it would introduce the first part of sanctions against Russia.

They included five banks, including Rossiya Bank, Promsvyazbank, IS Bank, Genbank, and the Black Sea Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Sanctions have also been imposed on oligarchs close to Putin, namely Gennady Timchenko, Boris Rotenberg and his nephew Igor Rotenberg.

Their British assets will be frozen and they will be barred from entering the UK. All British citizens and legal entities are prohibited from doing business with them. Other sanctions, according to Johnson, are meant to be used in case of further escalation.


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