Russians are lying about Ukrainian soldiers bringing tuberculosis to Germany

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Description of the fake LIE

Germany is afraid that the AFU soldiers attending training will bring tuberculosis. This is reported by Russian Telegram channels with reference to General André Bodemann, the commander of the territorial association of the Bundeswehr.

Refutation TRUTH

Bodemann’s quote, which is spread by propagandists, refers to a medical examination that Ukrainian fighters must undergo. This is an absolutely usual practice because each country has its own medical standards.

There is no epidemic of tuberculosis in Ukraine, although there is an increase in the incidence, in particular, among the military, caused by the war, the journalists of the BezBrekhni project noted.

Germans understand that the risks of this disease for the soldiers, who live for a long time in complicated living conditions on the frontline, are increasing.

But if this were such an apocalyptic problem for Germany, as the Russians claim, it is unlikely that the country would agree ( to accept more than 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers for training in 2023 alone.

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