Russian forces intensify shelling and Ukraine restores its liberated regions. The Main News on April 15

Ukrainian defenders near the destroyed Russian tank in the Kyiv Oblast. By Oleh Petrasiuk
Ukrainian defenders near the destroyed Russian tank in the Kyiv Oblast. By Oleh Petrasiuk

TOP NEWS: Russia intensified attacks on Ukrainian cities. In Mykolaiv, Russia chaotically attacked residential areas with cluster munitions. Several Ukrainians were killed. In the Kharkiv Oblast, Russian forces shelled an evacuation convoy. Russia has confirmed that the warship Moskva has sunk. More than 900 killed civilians were found by Ukrainian police in the Kyiv Oblast. In cities near the Ukrainian capital, bridges are being restored and roads are being cleaned. 

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Evacuation from the retirement home in the Donetsk Oblast

Volunteers help to evacuate elderly and differently abled people from retirement home in the Donetsk Oblast. By Daniel Carde 


Russia has confirmed that the warship Moskva has sunk

The Russian Defense Ministry said the heavily damaged Moskva sank in a storm under tow after being gutted by fire. It previously said the blaze set off some of its weapons and forced the crew to evacuate. 

Russia’s forces shelled Mykolaiv with forbidden weapons

Russia attacked residential areas, cultural facilities and private enterprises in Mykolayiv, using cluster munitions forbidden by international law. Several people were killed and injured.

Russia attacked evacuation convoy in the Kharkiv Oblast

Russian forces shelled buses with people trying to evacuate from combat zones. At least seven people were killed and 27 were injured.

Russia shelled several settlements in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russian forces opened artillery fire on the town of Mykhailivka and the village of Orlyanske in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. One person was killed and five others were injured.

Russia killed at least 900 civilians in the Kyiv Oblast

More than 900 killed civilians were found by Ukrainian police in the Kyiv Oblast. The largest number of victims were found in Bucha, where there were more than 350.

In Mariupol, Russian forces are digging up bodies of Ukrainian civilians and preventing burials

Russian forces are exhuming killed civilians from residential courtyards and preventing new burials from taking place. The city council announces that Russia is going to burn the bodies in crematoria to cover its war crimes.

In Vienna, the demonstrations against rape by Russia’s forces in Ukraine took place

In the Austrian capital, about 60 activists protested against the rape of Ukrainian women by Russia’s forces.

The prisoner exchange carried out with Russia in the Kherson Oblast

As a result of the exchange five Ukrainians have returned home.

More than 2,000 people were evacuated from combat zones on April 15

2,864 people have been evacuated from Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts. Most of the evacuees are residents of Mariupol and the cities of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Russia is unable to completely capture Mariupol – Ukraine

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reports that the situation in Mariupol is tense, but the Russian forces are unable to completely take control over the city.

Hundreds of kilometers of roads have been cleaned in the Kyiv Oblast

Six temporary crossings are being built in the Kyiv Oblast to connect cities with the Ukrainian capital to provide humanitarian aid.

A train arrived in Chernihiv for the first time since the liberation of  the city from Russian forces

The train with humanitarian aid has arrived in Chernihiv. City’s residents will be able to evacuate to Kyiv by this train tomorrow.

Poland to ban Russia’s coal imports

Polish President Andrzej Duda signs law banning Russian, Belarusian coal imports.


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