Russian Forces attacked Odesa and Ukraine announced a country-wide curfew. The Main News on April 23

Damaged church in Lukashivka, Chernihiv region, where Russian Forces kept ammunition. By Petros Giannakouris

TOP NEWS: Russian Forces launched missile strikes on Odesa and hit residential buildings. Several people were killed and injured. Russian Forces continue to shell cities in the east of Ukraine and kill Ukrainians. Ukrainian defenders eliminated two Russian generals in the Kherson region. The UN Secretary General will arrive in Ukraine next week. Canada will provide the howitzers and the armored vehicles to Ukraine. Ukraine has announced Easter country-wide curfew.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Russian Forces launched a missile strike on residential buildings in Odesa. Several people were killed and injured

Rescuers are extinguishing a fire in a residential building in Odesa, hit by a Russian missile. By State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Odesa region

Russian Forces targeted Odesa with at least four missiles launched from the Caspian Sea. Two missiles were shot down by Ukraine’s air defenses. But at least two missiles hit the target, destroying an infrastructure facility and two residential buildings. At least six people were killed, including a three-month-old baby, and 18 people were injured.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Children hiding at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol from bombardments 


As a result of Russia’s shelling, three people were killed in Kharkiv region

Russian Forces intensively shelled settlements in the Kharkiv region on Saturday. As a result, three people were killed in Chuhuiv and Derhachi districts.

Russian Forces attacked the village of Zolote in the Luhansk region

Russian Forces targeted residential buildings in the village of Zolote in the Luhansk region with artillery. As a result of the attack, two people were killed and two others were injured.

The Russians thwarted the evacuation from Mariupol

An attempted Ukrainian evacuation of civilians from the shattered city of Mariupol, where many remain trapped, was thwarted by Russian Forces on Saturday. Around 200 residents had gathered at the evacuation meeting point announced by Kyiv, but Russian forces dispersed them.

A portrait of Russia’s President made up of 1500 war photos

Pavlo Krychko, a Belarusian photographer, created a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin using 1500 photographs shot during the 57-day conflict in Ukraine.

Easter curfew extended to entire Ukraine amid fears Russian attacks could escalate

Ukraine has announced a country-wide curfew for the night of the Orthodox Easter.

Ukrainian defenders liberated three more villages in the Kharkiv Oblast

Ukrainian defenders regained control over the villages of Bezruky, Slatino, Prudyanka in the Kharkiv Oblast.

Ukrainian defender eliminated two Russian generals in the Kherson region

On April 22, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the 49th Combined Arms Army in the Kherson region. As a result two Russian generals were eliminated.

UN Secretary General will visit Ukraine

On April 28, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres will arrive in Ukraine to meet with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Canada will provide howitzers to Ukraine

Canada will provide howitzers and ammunition to Ukraine as well as armored vehicles.


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