Russia used Ukrainians to create a migration crisis in the EU

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The Security Service of Ukraine found out that the occupying “authorities” forcibly deported Ukrainians from the Zaporizhzhia region to the Rostov oblast and then to Russia’s north-western border with Latvia.

Russians forced people to walk to border checkpoints under the guise of refugees to the EU.

In case of resistance, the victims were threatened with shootings and reprisals against their close relatives who remained at the TOT of Ukraine.

In this way, the Russians tried to create artificial migration tension in the countries of the European Union.

The Security Service has already gathered evidence on two leaders from the occupying “RF MIA in the Zaporizhzhia region”, who were involved in the deportation of Ukrainians.

These are two Russian citizens: Mykola Opryshko, who heads the invading agency, and his subordinate Konstantyn Razygrin, head of the “migration department.”

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