Russia Claims EU Introduced Food Stamps

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The Russian media claim that the EU is impoverished due to the rupture of relations with Russia and has introduced food stamps. That’s a lie.

Lie: EU countries introduced food stamps because of poverty, as in the days of the USSR. This is the fault of Ukraine, sanctions, and the supply of Western weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to Russian media.

Truth: the propagandists refer to an article in the Financial Times. The material really refers to the rise in price of food by 16.6% since the beginning of the year. It hit the socially vulnerable segments of the population of Europe the hardest, so, the governments of some EU countries decided to impose restrictions on the cost of basic goods.

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However, the article does not mention any “shortage” of food in the EU, nor that the EU has decided to introduce the so-called food stamps. Moreover, the text emphasizes the ineffectiveness of such decisions, as StopFake journalists noted.

Neither does the material say that the increase in prices for products was allegedly caused by the supply of Western weapons to the Ukrainian army or the rupture of EU relations with Russia.

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