FAKE ALERT: “The Russians eliminated AFU and NATO military personnel with a missile attack on the Yavoriv military base.”

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Description of the fake LIE

On the night of May 28-29, the Russian army fired a ‘’Kinzhal’’ missile at the Yavoriv training ground in the Lviv region. As a result, many Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen and foreign instructors died—spread by Russian propaganda through Telegram channels.

Refutation TRUTH

At the time, specified by the fake makers, Russian missiles did not fly into the territory of the Lviv region; moreover, on the night of May 28-29, no air alert was announced in the Lviv region (exception: the period from 20:17 to 20:31 on May 28, but the missiles launches were not recorded).

In addition, the Lviv Regional Military Administration did not record hits on any infrastructure facilities in the region.

The International Peacekeeping Centre and partner countries’ military departments also did not record any strikes by Russian aircraft this night.

The last missiles that flew into the Lviv region’s airspace were recorded on the night of May 26, but later they “disappeared from the radar.” Russian propaganda failed once again to make wishful thinking come true.

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