Records of Russian propaganda: 8 fakes in two days

“One video is one bomb,” said the protagonist of the legendary film “Wag the Dog” about the creation of a parallel reality.

The Russians have been selling the televised “war in the Donbas” since the days of the “crucified boys” and “Yarosh’s business cards.”

Even now, after the aggravation of the situation in the Donbas, journalists from almost all major propaganda resources have arrived there from Moscow.

With the help of local collaborators, they began to fabricate “bomb videos” that are now circulating in all possible media. All of them have one direction: to show the aggressive nature of Ukraine, Kyiv’s intention to launch an offensive against the L/DPR: “the enemy is trying to escalate the conflict on the direct instructions of the Kyiv military-political leadership.”

Let us remind about the recent ones.

Fake №1

Shelling of a kindergarten in Stanytsia Luhanska. Initially, Russian propagandists mournfully and angrily declared that they were “punishers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine who fired shells at kindergartens in the republics.” And when the problems with geography became obvious — the kindergarten was on the Ukrainian territory — so there was no point for the Armed Forces to fire shells at their territories, then fake creators began to talk about “staging” shelling to “tarnish the good name of the people’s republics.” Neither Ukraine, nor the West believed this.

Fake №2

Then information about a “chemical sabotage with a Polish accent” appeared on the air. Ukrainian intelligence warned about this case a month ago.

Fake №3

Finally, the leaders of the LPR and DPR Pasichnyk and Pushylin joined the TV battle, announcing a mass evacuation. However, it quickly became clear that their “emergency appeals to citizens” were recorded in advance, at least two days before the “emergency.”

Fake №4

“People’s militia of the DPR” publishes a video of shootings between those living in the temporarily occupied territories and allegedly units of the AFU. Metadata of the creation of this staged “action film” showed that it had been filmed 10 days earlier.

Fake №5

“Epic” terrorist attack in Donetsk — an old UAZ vehicle of the head of the “people’s police” was blown up, who, of course, was not in the cabin. And the car number, as it turned out, a year ago was on a completely different, new car.

Fake №6

In the evening, “news” was published about hit of two shells of already Ukrainian “Grads” on objects in Russia — namely in the village of Mitiakinsk of the Rostov oblast. 

However, in reality, artillery units of the Joint Forces are located in withdrawal areas more than 21 km from the line of contact. And this exceeds the maximum firing range of “Grads” and 122-mm guns, which are in service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Fake №7

Fake №7

On the morning of February 19, Russian propagandists reported that “Ukrainian saboteurs” blew up the Luhanskgaz gas distribution hub, which had set fire to the Druzhba pipeline. However, in fact, it is not even there. And in general, after the invasion of the Russian troops in 2014, Ukraine lost control over this pipeline — it is disconnected from the joint GTS of Ukraine and is not used for transit and gas supplies to Ukraine.

Fake №8

In addition, the propagandists announced the discovery of a mine on one of the roads on which refugees were travelling from the Donbas to Russia, which “fortunately did not explode.”

The Centre also knows that at least two more fake “stories” have already been prepared and are waiting for their time:

One is that “Ukraine used the Bayraktar UAV in the Donbas” (for this, the remains of the downed UAV were brought from Nagorno-Karabakh). 

Another one is that “military personnel of the Armed Forces/National Guard raped a minor girl in one of the settlements of the Luhansk oblast” near the line of contact. This false story will first be spread on social networks in the oblast to show the “atrocities” of the Ukrainian military.

Judging by Russia’s aggressive intentions towards Ukraine, the number of lies and intrusions will only increase — because they are part of the information support of hostilities. Therefore, following the situation in the zone of the Joint Forces Operation, it is worth remembering the words of Otto von Bismarck: “People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.”


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