Provocations in Transnistria and military assistance from the allies to Ukraine. The Main News on April 26

Building in Kharkiv, destroyed by Russian Forces. By Felipe Dana

TOP NEWS: Russia continues to shell frontline towns and villages and launch missile strikes on Ukrainian regions. In Germany, defense ministers of 40 countries discussed military aid to Ukraine. Great Britain and Germany have announced the transfer of anti-aircraft missile systems and armored vehicles to Ukraine. Russian Forces organize provocations on Moldova’s unrecognized breakaway territory of Transnistria, preparing another front against Ukraine. A monument symbolizing Ukraine’s reunification with Russia was dismantled in Kyiv.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Forty countries meet in Germany to discuss bolstering support to Ukrainian defense

Defense ministers of 40 countries discuss military assistance to Ukraine. From Twitter account of the US Secretary of Defense

VIDEO OF THE DAY: A monument symbolizing Ukraine’s reunification with Russia was dismantled in Kyiv

Ukraine will also rename and highlight with the colors of the Ukrainian flag the rainbow-shaped installation called the People’s Friendship Arch which was gifted to Ukraine by the Soviet government as a symbol of the relationship between Russia and Ukraine.


Russian Forces launched 35 air strikes on Azovstal steel plant 

As a result of the air strikes, the fire broke out near the place where civilians were hiding. Ukrainian defenders tried to free people from the rubble and give them first aid.

Russian Forces attacked Zaporizhzhia with missiles

Russian Forces hit the industrial facility in Zaporizhzhia with missiles. As a result of the attack, one person was killed and one person was injured.

In Popasna, a residential building collapsed as a result of the shelling by Russian Forces

Three people were killed due to the collapse of the building. They were hidding in the basement of the building attacked by Russian Forces.

Russian Forces launched a missile strike on Odesa

Russian Forces targeted the Odesa region with missiles and hit the bridge through Dniester Estuary. 

Russian Forces shelled residential areas in Kharkiv

As a result of the attack, three people were killed and seven were injured. Two victims are in critical condition.

Russia prepares a new front against Ukraine from Moldova’s unrecognized breakaway territory of Transnistria

On Monday, a series of explosions were heard near the Ministry of State Security building in Transnistria’s capital Tiraspol. Ukraine described those blasts as a planned provocation by the Russian security services. Today two radio towers in Transnistria have been damaged by explosions. This indicates an attempt to open an additional front against Ukraine in the Odesa region by Russian Forces.

Bridget Brink to be U.S. ambassador to Ukraine

The US ambassador to Ukraine will be Bridget Brink, who currently heads the US Embassy in Slovakia. 

Great Britain will provide Stormer military armored vehicles to Ukraine

The UK plans to send armored anti-aircraft vehicles to Ukraine. The Stormer vehicles launch 17 high-velocity Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles, which can destroy planes and helicopters.

Germany will deliver anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine

German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht announced that Germany would approve a delivery of “Gepard” anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine. 

Denmark helps Ukraine to rebuild its energy infrastructure

Denmark is the first country to contribute to the Fund for the Restoration of Destroyed Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure. The funds will be used to rebuild infrastructure damaged or destroyed during the war.



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