News that a member of the Ukrainian delegation got into a drunk scandal in the USA is fake

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Description of the fake LIE

A member of the Ukrainian delegation that came with Zelenskyy to the UN General Assembly got into a drunk scandal in New York. After visitors refused to shout Glory to Ukraine! at his request, he attacked the bartender.

This is reported by the Telegram channel of the pro-Russian publication Strana, as well as by Russian media with reference to USA Today.

Refutation TRUTH

The USA Today website has neither the news nor the video, which propagandists distribute as alleged evidence.

Thus, fake producers took as a basis a real video from USA Today about Zelenskyy’s meeting with U.S. senators on Capitol Hill, and embedded footage of a street fight.

There is no real evidence of a drunken fight caused by a member of the Ukrainian delegation because Russian propagandists invented this news story to once again try to discredit the Ukrainian authorities.

Let us remind you that you should be sceptical of everything published by Strana. This is a publication that has been spreading Russian propaganda for years; now it only mimics the pro-Ukrainian media, still manipulating in favour of the Kremlin. Since 2021, the publication has been under the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council.

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