MANIPULATION: News that the Estonian Foreign Minister called Ukrainians a “cheap way to fight Russia”

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Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna, during a meeting under the auspices of the Atlantic Council, called Ukrainians “a cheap way to fight Russia,” Russian Telegram channels wrote.

Refutation TRUTH

The minister said that it was Ukrainians who were fighting for European values and the world that lived by the rules of international law, but propagandists distorted his words, StopFake journalists noted.

“When I was Defence Minister in 2016 and 2017, we saw constantly 120,000 troops from the side of the border of Russia, ready to go within 24 hours. The question was whether Putin would give the order or not.

But now these troops have literally disappeared, they no longer exist, they were sent to Ukraine, and most of them were destroyed. So instead of us, Ukrainians have to deal with it,” Tsakhkna said.

The Minister said that Ukraine was at war with Russian troops, which threatened all countries in the region, but did not call it “a cheap way to fight Russia.”

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