Manipulation: “Kyiv is going to sell Ukraine to Poland”

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Description of the fake LIE

The chairman of the Ukrainian State Property Fund is going to sell Ukrainian industry and state property to Poland under the pretext of the “Great Privatization”, Kremlin propagandists say.

Refutation TRUTH

Vitaliy Koval, Chairman of the State Property Fund, made a working trip to Poland with the aim of exchanging experience in land reform, attracting foreign investments, managing state assets, etc.

The “Great Privatization” issue was only one of a number of others. According to the State Property Fund, the “Great Privatization” project includes 18 objects to be put up for open auction – this is only a small part of state property.

This fake is another unsuccessful attempt by the Kremlin liars to accuse the Ukrainian authorities of allegedly “wasting state property”, “catastrophic economy state” and “inability to manage the country independently”.

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