“Joint military exercises between Moldova and the U.S. are designed to involve Chișinău in confrontation with the Russian Federation.” This is a lie

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Description of the fake LIE

The military exercises between Moldova and the U.S., on the background of the West’s militaristic rhetoric strengthening, are designed to determine the readiness of the Moldovan army to conduct combat operations against “Transnistria” and “Gagauzia”, as well as against Russian servicemen. Such information is distributed by a pro-Kremlin resource.

Refutation TRUTH

Swift Response is an annual international military exercise designed to strengthen the defence capabilities of its participants, particularly Moldova, and is held within the framework of the multinational exercise Defender Europe 24.

In fact, it is Russia that is waging a hybrid war against Moldova with the help of its puppet entity “Transnistria” interfering in the political life of Chișinău and systematically threatening through its high-ranking officials with an aggressive war.

In addition, the Kremlin generously finances destabilization campaigns in the region through pro-Russian forces. Recently, the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office of Moldova submitted to the court the materials of the criminal case against the Gagauzia Governor Evghenia Gutul.

As noted, she is accused of receiving more than 42 million lei ($2.4 million) in illegal funding from Russia.

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