Information that weapons partners transfer to Ukraine appeared in Mexico is false

Source Spravdi, Government

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Information has spread that the weapons partners transfer to Ukraine have appeared in Mexico. This information is disseminated by Russian media with a link to the English-language website

Description of the fake LIE

The weapons that the Americans provided to the Armed Forces appear in Mexican cartels. The United States fears that the Mexicans will begin to use it against American security forces at the border.

Refutation TRUTH

The site referred to by the propagandists is not trustworthy: the “About us” section features various people who cannot be found using a search engine or whose photos are used on other dubious “news” sites, and the content consists of conspiracy and fake news.

There is no evidence in the article itself, but there is a story about the cartel rewritten from The New York Times. Of course, there is not a word about Ukraine in the original article.

There are no confirmed facts of the appearance of Western weapons provided to Ukraine in other countries. If there was a theft or transfer of weapons to third countries, such facts would be immediately made public because international partners monitor and control the situation.

Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security

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