Information about the alleged involvement of the dead artillerymen of the 128th Brigade in the sale of weapons to HAMAS is fake

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Description of the fake LIE

HAMAS received Western weapons through the 128th Brigade servicemen already killed in Zaporizhzhia. Russian propagandists write about this with reference to a “publication” in Ukrainska Pravda.

Refutation TRUTH

There is no such publication on the Ukrainska Pravda website; the search does not show any results on this topic.

The propagandists distributed only a screenshot with the alleged publication of the material and not a link to the material itself, which would make it possible to verify the information.

“This publication is not in the portfolio of Kateryna Tyshchenko, the editor of the publication, who is indicated on the fake by the author; the information is dated November 5, but such material by Tyshchenko does not exist either on November 5 or on other days,” the fact-checkers of BezBrekhni project established.

In addition, the fake producers did not indicate what kind of weapons the dead artillerymen sold, where the statement and photographic evidence of the Israelis who allegedly found some samples of weapons are; not a word is mentioned in the “investigation.”

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