How Russian propagandists use the war in Israel to drive a wedge between Ukraine and its allies

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The attack of HAMAS terrorists on Israel became an excuse for the Kremlin propagandists to produce new fakes about Ukraine. Thus, they are trying to foment anti-Ukrainian sentiments in Israel and discredit the Ukrainian authorities by spreading lies about the transfer of Western weapons to terrorists. This information has no evidence and is completely false.

Z-propagandists write about the alleged destruction of the Israeli Merkava tank by Ukrainian ATGMs, but illustrate this with the previously destroyed Russian T-90 tank in Ukraine. At the same time, HAMAS militants use Russian-made weapons, in particular, the export version of the AK-103 assault rifle.

This is clearly recorded in the video, as well as confirmed by Russian propagandists. The original videos can be found here and here.

In addition, the Russians are trying to cause tension in relations between the United States and Ukraine. For example, the Kremlin’s main propagandist Solovyov published a post with memes allegedly created by Americans to offend Ukrainians.

However, most of the shared drawings are quite primitive and, most likely, were made in Russia.

The caricature about Ukraine and Palestine was created at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion by the Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff.  He has pro-Russian and anti-American views, so his work does not exactly represent the opinion of all Americans.

The Russians are once again trying to drive a wedge between Ukraine and its allies to weaken their support and military assistance.  The occupiers understand that they cannot win on the battlefield, so they resort to traditional means — lies and manipulations.

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