Germany did not transfer 200 mobile crematoria to Ukraine

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News that Germany transferred 200 mobile crematoria to Ukraine is a Russian fake.

Description of the fake LIE

In January-February 2023, Germany provided Ukraine with 200 mobile crematoria since the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered heavy losses. Russian Telegram channels disseminate this information.

Refutation TRUTH

Information about the transfer of 200 crematoria is not available on the website of the Federal Government of Germany; it is distributed only by the Russians in the Western media, VoxCheck experts stated.

This is not the first time that propagandists have lied on this topic to intimidate Ukrainians with the number of losses and disrupt mobilization.

Thus, back in January 2022, the Russians lied that the then German Defence Minister Lambrecht announced the transfer of a field hospital and a mobile crematorium to Ukraine, but in fact she did not mention the crematorium.

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